Saving money. Those days when a personal stylist only worked for rich and famous are long gone. Hiring a personal stylist means that you care enough about the correlation between the quality of the clothes you are wearing and the money you spend buying it. There's nothing more I want for you, than to learn how to make your wardrobe work. Just think of how much $$$ you spend on average buying something you wear once or never, how dated your items look after the first wash (so obviously you go and buy more of a “new” stuff, right?), and how frustrated you are with the fact that your closet eventually looks like a sales section at a department store with un-matching colors, patterns, and styles. To put it in perspective: on average my clients get rid of 200(!) clothing items. That's not including accessories. The cost of each piece is around $30. I’ll let you do the math. This is the money you could have used enjoying a nice vacation in Maldives. Just saying :-)

Saving time. Are you a busy business person? Are you a working parent? Are you a government official? Are you a public person? Or are you just someone who simply doesn’t enjoy shopping but wants to look nice and on point? For the most of us our biggest struggle is finding the way to break away from our everyday duties and finding time for ourselves. The worst thing is, when you do get a spare moment and you do go shopping, you are not finding what you are looking for, and reward yourself by buying something that “kind of works” for right now but in reality it’s just another items you'll hang in your closet just to forget it ever existed. Let the professional do the work for you. Save yourself time and frustration. I’m also providing a “Look book” service for my clients where I put together pictures of the items you can wear in one outfit for the ease of dressing up in the morning! Isn’t that amazing?

Understanding your needs and being honest. Your stylist is not affiliated with a particular store, therefore you are only paying for expertise and an honest opinion. You are investing money directly in your image. I know way too many people who fall victim to using a “free” personal styling service that some of the stores provide. Not only it’s not free (they are obviously being paid BY the store to sell clothes FROM that store) but they are also commissioned, which makes them more likely to sell you something you truly didn’t need. Let alone the fact that they didn’t have a chance to even look at your current wardrobe. A good stylist will first analyze your current situation and then proceed with a shopping plan.

Education. If there was one thing you could get out of a session with me, it’s priceless knowledge. With a personal image consultant you’ll learn how to mix and match colors, patterns, textures; how to complement your skin undertone (did you know it was important?); how to pick the best skin care routine for your needs; how to style your hair; how to choose the right clothes for your body type; how to spot quality pieces and get the best deals.

Purpose. A good image consultant will help you build your self-esteem and confidence. The purpose of hiring a personal stylist is not in creating a new person out of you, it’s in discovering who you truly are. A good stylist knows how to listen to the client’s needs. Your stylist will edit your wardrobe and rearrange it in a way it makes sense. A good stylist knows how to incorporate style in all spheres of your life to help you maintain your unicity. And finally, a good stylist will help you create an image that you want to put out to the world!

  • Olga McLaughlin
  • Image & Wardrobe Consultant
  • 24.11.2018