Hi there!

I’m so glad to see you on my page!
Let me introduce myself.

I’m Olga McLaughlin, Personal Image and Wardrobe Consultant. Despite my “personal” approach,
I also provide business, group, and online consultations upon request.

Growing up, I was always a creative kid. Professional dancing, professional photography, student clubs, competitions, you name it. Upon getting my Masters Degree in Marketing and Business Management I jumped onto the opportunity to work for one of the biggest retail companies in our city as a Marketing Specialist. When I moved to the US, my creative journey continued as a Makeup Artist for such world renowned brands like Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, and Clarins. Natural craving for harmony and esthetics in combination with my deep knowledge in the field of fashion and beauty, led my friends, clients and acquaintances to ask for my professional styling advice. This was a start of my business. I am endlessly grateful to those people for unknowingly showing me what my true passion is.

My goal is to help you, my clients, to find your inner self and your unique style, to teach you how to make smart shopping choices, how to choose quality over quantity and how to forever forget about the problem that “you have nothing to wear”.

Style is not just the ability to put an outfit together. Style is your lifestyle.
I know for a fact, that by making a change on the outside, you are improving the inside, and your success is translated into all spheres of your life. Style is the marker of your ambitions and your biggest investment.

My consultations include not only wardrobe editing for men and women, but also recommendations for skin care and beauty routine, lifestyle, habit changes and interior decoration. If you are changing yourself, your new philosophy should follow into all those areas.

Your budget doesn’t matter, your shape and size doesn’t matter. What matters is, that you are currently reading this. This is 50% of your success and I know, you are ready to take one step further to reach your next level! Let’s do it together and make this journey exciting!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Stay tuned!

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